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Our Team

Frymoyer Stone Fabrication & Supply cements our brand as the provider of high-quality, competitively-priced products and services.

We are absolutely and unequivocally DEDICATED TO YOU!

The Owners

Forrest Frymoyer, owner and CEO, began working for Frymoyer Construction, a masonry business that his father owned, at the age of 5.  Forrest joined the USMC at the age of 17. After serving his time, he formed his own path in the corporate world where he divided his time for the next nearly 30 years between the University of Iowa and the Mid American Energy Louisa Generating Station.

Thirty years ago, his father started a partnership with two others to form Quad City Brick & Tile.  Meanwhile, he continued to make a name for himself and mentored many successful masons in business today until he retired from his masonry construction business.  Both businesses closed.   

Today, Forrest has the opportunity to apply all that he learned from his father, time spent in the military, and numerous corporate positions to create a family-oriented business with tried and true corporate vision and values. 

His wife, Renea, and daughter, Kristin (Sis), have held numerous corporate and academic positions over a combined nearly 40 years.  Together they possess 8 degrees from associates to doctorate degrees in Business Administration and Psychology.  Kristin is currently enrolled in a Doctoral Industrial & Organizational Psychology program. They have professional certifications in Human Resources, Project Management, Agile (Scrum & Kanban), Six Sigma, and Marketing. Kristin is affiliated with several area business organizations: Executive Board of Directors at Bettendorf Business Network, Committee Member at Quad Cities Business Leaders Association, and Committee Member at Women's Downtown Bettendorf Task Force. Both are owners and committed to the success of Forrest’s vision and his father’s legacy.

Miss Lydia, Kristin's daughter, comes to the office to help where she can and to heckle the team. As she grows and matures, so will the business.  She will one day be a third-generation owner.

The Talented Team

The team includes craftsmen that have a combined 90 years in the industry.  Craig, Lee, Rob, Kevin, and Harley have worked together for nearly a decade, and in some cases longer.  They have a close-knit bond that radiates positive energy throughout the buildings.  They work together like a well-oiled machine. 

Jeremy is the Production Coordinator that is specially trained to do in-house estimates, measuring, and confining the details needed for fabrication. He works closely with customers, our Outside Sales Manager, and our craftsmen.

Susan Frymoyer Greenwald applies the skills and knowledge that she gained while working for her father's masonry construction business over several decades. Susan manages the office and is the smiling face that greets our customers.

Stephanie is the Outside Sales Manager with many years of experience in the industry. She is talented, connected, knowledgeable, determined, and professional. She is devoted to providing excellent customer service.

Our team members are experts in specific areas and all are perfectionists.  They hold themselves to the highest standards. They are absolutely committed to providing excellent quality and services to our customers. 

The owners and the original team [Tracy, Craig, Lee, Rob P, Rob F, and Kevin], known as "The Frymoyer Stone Founders", collaboratively established the Frymoyer Stone Vision and Mission Statements, which will guide us daily and drive long-term aggressive profitable growth.

The team will expand based on demand and newcomers will be indoctrinated with our vision, mission, and values.

Our Vision Statement

Our vision is to prevail as an industry leading business offering stone fabrication, landscaping and hardscaping materials, and masonry supplies.  All stakeholders will be treated with the utmost level of respect. Our company will offer high quality products and services.

Our Mission Statement

We will strive to earn our stakeholder’s respect and completely meet their needs.