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Winona Elementary Art Teacher & Frymoyer Stone give students a unique experience - "Magic Rocks"

Frymoyer Stone had the pleasure of donating “magic rocks” to Winola Elementary for an art lesson this year!  First graders used these rocks as rubbing tools to transfer a crayon image from one half of the folded paper to the other half.  This lesson taught students about symmetrical balance and warm/cool colors on the color wheel.  

Art teacher Mr. Vermeer told students the rocks were magic, and they said magic words when using them.  The students were impressed with the powers of these rocks!  See below for pictures of the “magic rocks” in action and examples of their finished artwork.  

Our staff proudly contributes to furthering the education of our youth!

Frymoyer Stone received this note and pictures from Mr. Vermeer:

Subject: THANK YOU from Winola Elementary

This summer I stopped by your business looking for some small, palm-sized, smooth river rock.  A girl from the office helped me and I found 20 rocks to be used as tools for one of my art lessons.  She did not charge me for the rocks and I appreciated her kindness.  I want to thank your company for your contribution to further the education of our youth. My first graders used the rocks as rubbing tools to transfer a crayon image from one half of folded paper, to the other side.  The lesson teaches them about symmetrical balance and warm & cool colors on the color wheel.  I told them they were magic rocks and we said magic words when using them.  They were impressed with the powers of the rocks!  Attached are pics of your "magic rocks" in action and examples of the finished art.  You guys rock! Tony Vermeer Elementary Art Education

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