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The FS Greeter - Dagwood

If you have visited Frymoyer Stone, you have met Dagwood. He is a proud working dog with a job title and an important role. He is the FS Greeter. He patiently awaits the arrival of each person that walks in the Office entrance to enthusiastically welcome and encourage at least one smile before they leave.

To know him is to appreciate his character - expressive mostly. Happy until someone puts a shirt on him, which is what this post will focus on... : )

Expressing his dissatisfaction that he is wearing a shirt. "Oh! Not again!"

The sad look. "Won't someone rescue me from this shirt?"

"They think I look cute in shirts. Harumph." Walk of shame.

"Fine, I will just hide in Kristin's office." Pouting.

"I am laying down right here in the parking lot until this shirt is removed." A quiet tantrum.

I don't think they took me seriously. "I am laying down UNDER an FS truck until this shirt is removed."

He knows it is only a matter of time. Kristin will eventually miss the typical speckled bundle of happiness, cave in, and remove the shirt. Dagwood is happy again.

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