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Family Dynamics Build Strong Foundations at Frymoyer Stone

Updated: May 13, 2020

Bill Stage, 97x.com

May12, 2020


I talked with the impressive father/daughter team, Forrest & Kristin Frymoyer from Frymoyer Stone Fabrication & Supply in Bettendorf.  They offer custom stone fabrication, stone restoration, landscaping and hardscaping materials, and masonry supplies for commercial and residential projects.

The business started with Forrest's dad, who was a mason in the QC's for many years. In the early 80's he partnered with two other suppliers in the area and opened up Quad City Brick & Tile.  While that business has since shut down, Forrest & his family have put together quite a team.

Forrest has learned a ton about the business from a young age. Carrying brick to the scaffold at 5 years old gives a person some perspective.  Watching the ups & downs of his father's business has given him a unique perspective on small businesses.  His experience going into the service, becoming an electronic technician, a network engineer for University of Iowa gave him an inside look at how big companies work.

Then you add his daughter, Kristen, into the mix with her education in psychology. She's steered her schooling toward organizational development to help the company become more efficient in production and more engaging for the employees.

It sounds like they're building the stone fabrication death star.

They're taking all this knowledge and keeping a foot in the future by putting technology at the forefront with new machinery capable of stone sculpting and laser etching on stone, ceramic, glass, wood, and mirror.

All while balancing the delicate family dynamic.  Forrest says they know each others boundaries and he tries to instill the ability to keep moving & climbing even in the worst of times.

FrymoyerStone.com 205 South 35th St. Bettendorf IA 52722

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