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FS donates test sample to YWCA Havana Nights gala held at TPC Deere Run

YWCA Hot Havana Nights Set up!! @kristin frymoyer @darcy smith @Cindy Krist Deanna Gary Woodall. PARTY IS STILL ON!!

Kristin Frymoyer and Brittany Conklin are attending the Hot Havana Nights gala at TPC Deere Run.

Frymoyer Stone Fabrication & Supply is donating a calibration test sample from our new saw created by Jeremy C Warner.

Description: This is the latest creation from our newly installed Italian-made 5-axis OMAG Blade 5AR stone bridge saw. This is a 2-dimensional product fabricated using 3-dimensional stone paneling to create lots of detail. Our saw created this piece overnight. We simply programmed the saw, set the parameters, mapped out the panel, and pressed start. The saw began its operation and even changed the tools needed to fabricate this piece all on its own.


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