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BETTENDORF BUSINESS NETWORK: New technology at Frymoyer Stone opens new possibilities

Author and Photographer: Jan Touney

A new OMAG Blade 5 AR saw installed at Frymoyer Stone Fabrication & Supply will add to the many projects the company can offer. Pictured from left are Seth Holwerda, of Global Enterprises, who was on site fine-tuning the saw after its installation; Kristin Frymoyer, co-owner and finance, new business development and marketing director; and Forrest Frymoyer CEO and owner.

Work done by Frymoyer Stone Fabrication & Supply is featured on the front of Townsquare Media Quad Cities offices at 1229 Brady St, Davenport.

Daniel Schimanski of TRUE Mortgage Lending of Bettendorf, presents a Frymoyer-made stone as a gift to his client, Elyssa Shontz.

A new addition at Frymoyer Stone Fabrication & Supply will open up worlds of possibilities for the company and its customers.

Staff at the Bettendorf company at 205 S. 35th St., are being trained on the use of a recently installed OMAG Blade 5 AR saw that can do intricate three-dimensional sculptures in stone and etch and engrave designs on a variety of materials including glass, ceramic tile and stone.

“The saw is installed and right now we’re going through the fine tuning of setup and training on it,” said Forrest Frymoyer, CEO and owner. Engineers from Italy, where the saw is manufactured, were also on site to assist in the training.

Just what can this new piece of equipment do?

Think about a “Welcome” greeting etched right into the stone or ceramic tile in your home’s foyer. Or decorative etchings of your choice framing a mirror, or engraved on a granite backsplash in your kitchen. Or a sculpture of your favorite pet, or an etching of its face on stone.

Engravings can be done on pieces as large as 8 feet by 10 feet. Kristin Frymoyer, co-owner and finance, new business development and marketing director, said that puts Frymoyer Stone in the position of being the only company in a wide region able to do this kind of work.

It is already well-known for its work in outside landscaping, or hardscaping, including stone window sills, and interior work such as fireplace surrounds and accent walls with either natural stone or veneer panels. Many examples of what Frymoyer can do are displayed in the company’s showroom.

Examples of Frymoyer’s work are also out in the community. Thousands of vehicles daily pass by work done by Frymoyer at Townsquare Media Quad Cities at 1229 Brady St. in Davenport. It includes the large stone sign with the company logo, “The Rock ‘n’ Roll Mansion” engraving above the door, and the stone pillars under the familiar gargoyles.

Jason Vidmar, account executive at Townsquare Media, said working with the Frymoyers “is like working with family. They go above and beyond to make sure you’re getting the best quality and service. Everything they do is top quality.”

Frymoyer work is also featured inside the building with a fireplace façade in a conference room, and new counters in a reception area, Vidmar said.

Another business that showcases Frymoyer’s work is TRUE Mortgage Lending of Bettendorf, where team leader Daniel Schimanski orders a custom-made engraved flat stone as a gift for clients after they close on their mortgage.

The stone features the TRUE Mortgage Lending logo, a family tree, along with the homeowner’s last name and “Est. 2019” or whatever the year the home was purchased.

“I’ve had an absolutely amazing response to this,” Schimanski said. “People are thoroughly enjoying these.”

He added that the pride of workmanship and the consistency of the product is “awesome.”

The father-and-daughter team of Forrest and Kristin Frymoyer is eager to show off all the work the company can do, especially with its new equipment.

“We will be able to do a lot more intricate and interesting things,” Kristin said.


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